Golden Rules

Bullet point number one. Keep products and packaging plastic-free!

Products must be completely free from single-use plastic. Any necessary plastic component must be pre-approved by us. All packaging must be 100% plastic-free. See product requirements and packaging ideas.

Bullet point number two. All payments MUST be via this website

The seller's account will be cancelled immediately if they accept a payment outside of this platform.

Bullet point number three. Check your emails daily

for alerts of new orders and messages from customers.

Bullet point number four. Send orders in time

to meet your stated delivery date. Orders should arrive within the delivery time that you publish on your store page. Change the order status to 'Complete' once you have dispatched it.

Bullet point number five. Inform the customer of delay

by sending them an email as soon as you are aware of the delay.

Bullet point number six. Keep order statuses up-to-date

by marking orders as 'Processing' as soon as possible to confirm that you have received it. Mark orders as 'Complete' on the same day they are dispatched to set realistic expectations for the buyer. When you change an order status, the 'Notify Customer' box must be selected in the dropdown so that the customer receives an email notification updating them on the status of their order.

Bullet point number seven. Respond to messages promptly

by checking your inbox and the message centre daily (the message centre is found on your dashboard under Customers >Message Centre).

Bullet point number eight. Keep listings up-to-date, tidy and professional

Are the items still available? Do your photos still accurately reflect your products? Can you still fulfil orders within the stated time? The answer to these questions must always be YES. Please follow the listings guidelines.

Bullet point number nine. Know when to offer returns or refunds

Customers have the right to cancel their contract and return the item to you up to 14 days after receiving it, without giving a reason. You are legally obliged to offer a full refund if the item is faulty, not as described or not fit for purpose. See clauses 16 and 17.

Bullet point number ten. Keep pricing fair

The prices you set on should not be higher than on your own website or other e-commerce sites. Delivery prices should be realistic and fair.

11%20bullet%20point.png?1598291513619 Register for VAT if required

You are required to pay VAT if your business’ VAT taxable turnover is more than £85,000 a year. It is your responsibility to register with HMRC in this case. More information here. If you are VAT registered, your prices must include VAT and you must publish your VAT number in the appropriate field under Sellers > Sellers > your business name.

12%20bullet%20point.png?1598291585646 Do not link to external websites

such as your website or social media in your business description, in messages to customers or anywhere on our website.

13%20bullet%20point.png?1598291734045 Do not add buyers to mailing lists

or pass on their details or send them any kind of marketing material or keep their personal data for longer than necessary after they receive their order. Please see clause 23.3 of the Terms for Sellers.