Sellers FAQs
How do I become a seller?
I’ve opened a seller’s account – now what do I do?
What is the fee for selling on PlasticFreeThings.com?
How and when will I be paid?
Are there any product requirements?
What's the deal with VAT?
How do I add a product listing?
What are the guidelines on product listings?
Can I edit multiple products at the same time?
Why can't I see my product listing on the website?
How do I list a product with free delivery?
I need help with Features and Options!
What materials can I use to package orders?
What if I cannot fulfil orders and need to temporarily close my storefront?
Which order status should I use?
Where can I see messages from customers?
What about returns and refunds?
How do I resolve a payment dispute?
Can I contact the customer first?
What if my customer would like to cancel their order?
How do I close my seller's account?
What are Ethical Values?
What if I suspect fraud?
How do I upload or change my profile picture/logo?
How do I change my password?