By selling with us, you will help to reduce plastic waste while supporting other small UK businesses.

We are on a mission to help everyone use less plastic, so we make it super easy for you to sell as many plastic-free things as possible. We take care of the e-commerce and marketing so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

In a nutshell, here is some of what we offer:

Pair of hands forming a heart shape on a natural green background with the words ‘we share your green ethos’.
Hand holding a megaphone to indicate marketing with the text ‘free marketing and seo’ written on a white background.
Hand making a thumbs up gesture on a white background with the words "Just one fee when you sell".
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How It Works


Customers place orders for your products on our website


We notify you of new orders by email and on your dashboard


You prepare and send your orders in plastic-free packaging


We transfer your payments to you every week, less our one fee

It really is that simple!


Beige tick icon.NO LISTING FEES

Beige tick icon. NO MONTHLY CHARGES



When you make a sale, we charge just one all-encompassing fee:


We use Stripe to process all transactions. Why Stripe? Because they are secure, highly reputable and are trusted by heaps of international companies... So we're in good hands!

We make weekly payouts on Mondays one week in arrears and we even cover Stripe's processing fees - one less thing for you to think about.

Our fee is chargeable on the total sale value, including postage.

There are no listing fees and no other charges. If you sell nothing, you pay nothing (although we're confident that won't happen)!

There's nothing to lose!

What you can sell

Pale blue tick icon. Products that encourage sustainability and less waste

Pale blue tick icon. Items must be free from single-use plastic

Pale blue tick icon. Product packaging and delivery packaging must be plastic-free

Pale blue tick icon. Items must be made in the UK and dispatched from the UK

Pale blue tick icon. Products must be brand new

What you can't sell

Red cross icon. Food, drink or anything edible

Red cross icon. Anything containing single-use plastic

Red cross icon. Products made outside of the UK

Red cross icon. Second hand items

Red cross icon. Items packaged or posted in plastic material. Sellotape, bubble wrap, cellophane, plastic pots, lids, pumps and sprays are NOT permitted

Product Requirements

All Products

Must be free from single-use plastic, made in the UK and packaged in 100% plastic-free materials. Items must have a minimum price of £2.00.


Must be CPSR safety tested and cannot contain parabens, sulphates or silicone

Toys & Educational Products

Must be CE or UKCA marked

Food Wraps

Ingredients must be EU approved for food packaging


Must be made from recycled metals. UK legislation requires items sold as precious metals to be hallmarked if they weigh more than 1g for gold and 7.78g for silver


Must be made from recycled paper or FSC certified materials


Must be made from soy wax or beeswax (not paraffin); cannot contain synthetic fragrances; and must have a general safety label

We do not allow pyramid selling on our site.

What We Look For

Reducing waste, especially plastic waste is paramount to both us and customers, so we look for the following in our sellers:

Bullet point.Plastic-free gifts or alternatives to everyday items

Bullet point.Plastic-free product packaging and delivery packaging

Bullet point.UK-based sellers and UK-made products

Bullet point.Great customer service

Bullet point.The environment at the heart of what you do

If you produce or are permitted to sell plastic-free things, we'd love to hear from you!