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Somerset Natural Soaps
Beauty Therapist & Aromatherapist trained, nature lover, I have always been striving to find and use all natural ingredients in cosmetics for myself, and decided I would make my own soap for the family, much happier knowing what was going into this soap and even more important what stays out. I have Sensitive skin myself and could never use commercial soaps or shower gels. Now I have made my love of All Natural soap making into a business, all my soaps are CPSR tested. There are at the moment 11 to choose from more to come soon! These Vegan soaps are so mild, gentle and moisturising. I source sustainable ingredients and I will use Organic when available, and all my ingredients suppliers are cruelty free companies. Zero waste packaging always, typically I upcycle packaging from a very local company to me, and I use recycled plastic free paper tape to secure my parcels. My gift pampers are in eco friendly fabric or wood containers and most of them are differently reusable. I hope you enjoy using... More
Tastic Range
Pit-Tastic! is highly recommended by many people ranging from breastfeeding mothers, sports people, Menopausal women, those who travel (no need for liquids!) and just about anyone who desires fresh armpits without the nasty ingredients on their body... and without plastic packaging! It important to me that everyone has a choice of deodorant bar to suit their skin type and preferences. There are four types to choose from: Standard, Vegan, Sensitive and Vegan/Sensitive. These are all available in different fragrances. FAQs How long do the deodorant bars last? Keep the bar in a cool dry place and the bar should last up to four months of freshness! We suggest keeping it in one of our nifty travel tins, however a jar or different container will suffice. The bars do not dry out but will gather air borne dust if not covered well. How do I apply it? Simply glide the bar under your arms to cover your arm pits before you dress. There is no need to wet the bar, just re-apply as required. Is there a... More
The Salty Herb
Natural, vegan and eco friendly skincare handmade by us, Peter & Becky, in our little home studio in Northern Ireland.
Therma Cup co
Therma cup co is a small business that produces ceramic insulated reusable coffee cups. The design comes from a desire to find a good quality reusable cup which suits the needs by of keeping coffee warm and tasting as good as it was made. The cups are made in small batches in the home of British ceramics of Stoke on Trent. We all know now that takeaway cups are not easily recycled, it also takes a lot of energy to make a paper cup. The Therma Cup only has be used 24 times instead of a single use cup to offset the energy used in manufacturing. We use cardboard padding to package orders. The tape used is either brown paper tape or transparent cellulose tape (this looks like plastic but is made from wood pulp and is plastic-free)!
Ugly Apples
Ugly Apples started back in 2015 after years of research, trial and error in product making to find relief for my son's eczema. He's now lived with naturally clear skin and no diet restrictions for 8 years. I wanted to start this business for parents like me, desperate for answers and a cure. We've been growing organically by word of mouth ever since. We are a member of the GCSTM and we do NOT test our products on animals. If you're desperate for change then you've come to the right place! Find the trigger find the cure. If you're ready for a lifestyle change then dive in to find out more!