We are a UK marketplace connecting you to makers and sellers of useful everyday things - you guessed it - without plastic!

We want to make it easy for everyone to reduce the amount of waste - especially plastic waste - they produce, so we hand select individual sellers and small independent businesses who share the same ethos as us.

We research each potential seller, looking at their values as well as their products and processes. We establish a relationship with our sellers and trust that their ethics are - and always will be - aligned with ours.

Light bulb icon.All products are made in the UK and all sellers are based in the UK to minimise carbon emissions and to support local economies.

Our 3 fundamental values:

Two hands holding a green globe next to the words "No single-use plastic".

Parcel wrapped in brown paper and tied with natural twine next to the words "Eco-friendly packaging".

Model car delivering a parcel to a model house with trees and the words "UK businesses".

Every seller has confirmed that:

Their products are free of single-use plastic (a few items may contain a plastic component to make the product functional and reusable e.g. a zip, velcro or the lining of a food wrap);

All packaging is plastic-free;

Their products are made in the UK;

Products in certain categories meet specific requirements.

Our mission?

Company mission statement written in beige text on white background saying ‘to make using less plastic easy for everyone’.

Ethical Values

While all our products are free of single-use plastic (and most are 100% plastic free), Ethical Values are additional benefits which make products even better for the environment in different ways.

Some of these values have official certification e.g. 'Certified Organic' or 'FSC/GOTS Certified'. Our sellers label their products with the appropriate certifications and these can be seen on the product page. We've added some others which don't yet have official certification, but will help you choose the right product for you, such as Palm Oil Free, Vegan and Pollinator Friendly.

Simply use the filters on the left of the shopping pages to search for a particular Ethical Value which is important to you.

While we remain in contact with our sellers and carry out spot checks on an ongoing basis, they are independent businesses and send your order directly to you, so we don't see your order before it's dispatched. We trust that they will follow our values at all times.

This is extremely important to us, so should you ever feel that our standards haven't been met by one of our sellers, please let us know so that we can resolve it with them as quickly as possible.

The Founder

PlasticFreeThings.com was started by Sarah in 2019. With a strong desire to reduce plastic waste, Sarah decided to create a plastic-free marketplace to make eco-friendly shopping easy for everyone, at the same time supporting small, local and ethical businesses.

With a background in both zero waste website management and customer service, she is combining her passion with her expertise to help you to reduce your plastic consumption.

Sarah says...

"I love being in nature, hiking, drinking tea and laughing with family and friends. I am obsessed with reading about the environment; seeing what we have done to our planet deeply saddens me. I hope that PlasticFreeThings.com will inspire us all to make necessary changes to help turn this around, one piece of plastic at a time."

The founder of Plastic-Free Things sitting at a table smiling with laptop, cup of tea, note pad and a plant.